Bore of the tag feature that current social media offer, try one offer by us! Just like other social media apps, we offer same tag features but being different is what stands us out. Other than just simple tags now you can tag your buddy on some famous stereotypical traits too. Like you can’t say about any famous personality on current social media sites but with us, you can now share your thoughts with others just by tagging them…..interesting right?

It’s like if you have to discuss over demonetization or any topic which includes negative thoughts or comments on famous personalities then you can’t do it freely in the social world. By doing this, an action can be taken over you for saying such negative things about some famous personalities. But UNSSPOKEN gives you an opportunity to say whatever you want to by just tagging your friends on the topic. The things which are generally left unspoken will now get a voice through this app.

Yes, we do believe in creative new things for you people but as we know ‘old is gold’. By adding this new option of tagging your friend on some interesting stereotypical traits we have also given them option o tag their friends on posts, comments etc, same like other social media apps.

One can tag your friends on photos, comments or any post etc just like you do on any other social media apps. UNSSPOKEN will give you all features of other social media apps along with some new extra cool features which will add fun to your social life.

How to tag your buddy? It’s simple and easy. Like you do on other social media apps, same you have to do in UNSSPOKEN. Simply click tag option available on the front screen, beside newsfeed option and enjoy tagging your friends on famous stereotypical traits!