Love wearing masks in real life so why not in social life too! Like we said that user will have two identities i.e. one original and other anonymous, he/she can post or share his/her thoughts or feelings to someone either with anonymous one or original one.

Fear of what others will think if you post something on social media? Now you won’t have to think about others, just say what you want to anonymously with unsspoken. Many thoughts or feelings remain ground just because of questions like ‘what other people will say?’ or ‘what others will think about me?’ UNSSPOKEN is giving those people a platform to post or share anonymously without even thinking about their social image.

Sometimes, there are family members too on social media which is also the major reason young people or children are no able to post something as they fear that their family member might see it. Or that particular post may also hurt someone directly or indirectly.

For e.g. one person comments something on the religious matter which might hurt someone in one or the other way. The person who posted doesn’t know that this will hurt the other person. This misunderstanding will lead to personal differences.

By posting anonymously, you will not have to fear about social pressure or negative comments from the other person as no one will know who has posted except you. With anonymous feature people won’t lie to the other person, one will find genuine people with genuine thoughts.

Posting anonymously doesn’t mean that you can’t post with your original identity. You can, just like other social media apps, use both of your identities; original as well as anonymous one to post, comment, like/dislike etc.

You can switch to anonymous identity from original identity or vice versa with just one easy swap.