You afraid that the power will get misused, no we won’t let this happen! Security and safety of our users is our primary concern.

With three different flags, yellow, glass and red respectively we provide our users to have safe and secure social environment to live in.

These flags will appear on user’s side on any post, comment etc.

Cyber security is very much important in current scenario. As there are so much cases related to cyber bullying, we have provide utmost security to our users so that no one misuses the power of anonymity or freedom given in this app.

But with this power, restrictions are also there. Like if you think that he/she has said or post or commented something inappropriate then you can block that person for few hours, few days or permanently.

Three flags will serve as a safety and security medium. Yellow flag will block that particular person from a post for few hours, similarly glass flag will block for few days and red flag will block permanently till you unblock that particular person.