It’s like killing two birds with one arrow! Two face on one identity: one anonymous and one original. This type of facility was missing in current social media apps but now with UNSSPOKEN you can use it. This amazing creativity by us will let you have entertainment in your social life. With anonymous identity you can say whatever you want to without any social pressure as your original identity will be hidden. Operation of using two identities is also simple and easy. Just swap or click to switch from anonymous to original one or vice-versa.

What does current social media offers? They let their users to share their thoughts or feelings or emotions to the world but what if his/her thoughts hurt someone? That person is surely going to have negative approach towards the other person who has shared his/her thoughts right! This will lead to unintentional negativity between people as the person who has shared his/her thought won’t be knowing that it will hurt someone in any way.

These differences between people may lead to some major issues. This is one thing which can’t be solved as it is not possible. Different people have different opinions regarding a particular thing as everyone is different from the other in some way or the other. No two people can have same thoughts.

So in order to avoid this many people restrict themselves from sharing their thoughts just because of social pressure. But UNSSPOKEN has given them opportunity to share their thoughts or feelings without letting anyone know their original identity. This will let people to share their thoughts without even gaining negativity from the other people.

Let’s move towards a different matter, as we all know that India follows high context culture which means that a person’s professional as well as personal life overlaps. That is why company or organization before hiring checks or goes through social status of candidate to see his/her social nature or behavior. This creates restriction to convey one’s thoughts or feelings on social media apps or sites. UNSSPOKEN will rescue you from this by person with dual ID’s, one can post anonymously without having fear of what people will think about him/her.